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Eric was born and raised in Arlington, TX growing up in and around the aviation industry as his Father and Grandfather were dispatchers at American Airlines, he was always in awe of the profession and the industry. After graduating from Arlington High School in 2012 he went on to Texas State University to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement. He graduated in 2016 after becoming the president for his criminal justice fraternity, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, his senior year. Post graduation, Eric found a new love for aviation and started the process of becoming a flight dispatcher. In the Summer of 2017, Eric went to IFOD in Irving, TX to earn his certificate from the FAA. Shortly after that in October 2017 he was hired as a dispatcher at Envoy Airlines. Roughly 9 months later he was hired to start at his dream Airline, American Airlines! Since starting at American, he’s really found a true passion for helping other dispatchers and sharing knowledge learned along the way with his fellow dispatchers as well as other departments. He is currently a Chief Dispatcher serving his fellow dispatchers and helping merge the gap between management and the dispatch workgroup.